Tupou College Annual House Choral Competition

On the 14th of September this coming Thursday, will be the Tupou College Annual House Competition. This competition comprises of 5 main choirs which are John Thomas and Harold Wood Combined House Choir,  Tevita Tonga and Roger Page Combined House Choir, Kau Ta’e’iloa and ‘Aho’eitu Combined House Choir, Sau Faupula and John Wesley Combined House Choir and lastly are ‘Alofaina and Woodgate Combined House Choir.

Tupou College is fortunate enough as from last year to have the experience of Siaosi Kupu a.k.a MAFI TO-KI FELENITE from Sydney Australia to come and help our Conductors Rev Minoa Fifita, Rev Kilifi Tonga, Viliami Fifita, ‘Aloveita Tongamana and ‘Elone Niu to upgrade the level of the competition to a stage which is internationally recognized by musicians such as the head of Music from Newington College who visited us in 2010.

If you are a Music lover you are most welcome to come to the College where it all started. Come and enjoy the sound of the Gospel being sung by the young boys of the College. it is a  guarantee that you will not hear anything like this anywhere else around the world. The harmony and the togetherness of Tongan boys is the sound of the Pacific and it would not be found anywhere else, only in Tupou College.

The competition will consists of a compulsory anthem written and composed by MAFI TO-KI FELENITE, a Tongan Hymn written by MAFI TO-KI FELENITE and a selected anthem by well known composers such as Handel, Stainer and Wheeler which will be sung in the English Language.

The Competition will start at 7:30pm in the College Chapel – The Dr James Eagan Moulton Chapel.

Hope to see you there

A Conductor

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