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Development in Bio-Gas System

On the Tupou College Piggery Farm premise, it is undergoing the constructing phase of the Bio Gas Project. What is Bio Gas: Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas originates from biogenic material and is a type of biofuel.

For Tupou College  this means that a biomass fuel generally have less impact on the environment than fossil fuels and that means an environmental friendly form of cooking will be held in the college.

The boys have been collecting firewood each week for cooking 3 meals a day for the over 800 boarding boys. We would then wonder where are all of that smoke is going – to our atmosphere as a very poisonous gas.

Under the direction of Mr. Liao from the Chinese Community and the Chinese Embassy, the Bio Gas System which was started in the Last Two Weeks will light the first flame from the Gas in approximately two weeks.

According to the Principal, the Gas will help the cooking of the College Meals which will then ease the pain of the Firewood collection perhaps from a a very large Bundle to a medium size Bundle.

This was not the first time for a BigGas system to be tried here in the College. There have been few attempts in the past but it did not work. Now it looks like we are going to join countries like Britain and Australia in the industry of Biogas.

I will have more news of this as it develops throughout the week.

A Special Sunday for Tupou College

Do you remember the song written and composed by Mafi-to-ki-Felenite for the College Choral Competition, well the King of Tonga  invited the College Choir to come to attend the church service of Zion at Maamaloa area for a special Sunday church service. The King wanted to hear the anthems and the hymn that was composed on his behalf.

The Anthem is a prayer on his behalf asking God to look upon his Chosen King and that his reign may be an era of peace and harmony under God. It is a prayer that He may look after the new King of Tonga from now to the future.

The College sang with their hearts and it was a service that would never be forgotten in the near future and the time to come. People of Kolomotu’a and Kolofo’ou was amazed at the sound of the 700 plus boys choir. The College took 3 quarters of the seating places of the church and perhaps it was a time that no one would never forget as they sing with their hearts to the Lord and to the King, Queen and the Queen Mother.

According to the Head Tutor, Mafi-to-ki-Felenite was listening from Australia live on a mobile phone. It was a heartfelt moment as he was able to hear his composition being sung to the King himself. Well Done again Minoa Fifita, ‘Elone Niu and the Brass band as well as to the College Conductors Rev Kilifi Tonga, Viliami Fifita, ‘Aloveita Tongamana and those who helped with the choirs over the singing competition.

This will not be the last time that the College Choir will visit Zion. There will always be next year and the years to come.


I am sure the anthem will be sung in many churches around Tonga in the future to glorify the Lord God Almighty.

The boys was transported by the school buses straight after breakfast and so it will not also be forgotten by the Kids as the rain never stopped as they were on the school trucks with tents coverings over their heads.