Development in Bio-Gas System

On the Tupou College Piggery Farm premise, it is undergoing the constructing phase of the Bio Gas Project. What is Bio Gas: Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas originates from biogenic material and is a type of biofuel.

For Tupou College  this means that a biomass fuel generally have less impact on the environment than fossil fuels and that means an environmental friendly form of cooking will be held in the college.

The boys have been collecting firewood each week for cooking 3 meals a day for the over 800 boarding boys. We would then wonder where are all of that smoke is going – to our atmosphere as a very poisonous gas.

Under the direction of Mr. Liao from the Chinese Community and the Chinese Embassy, the Bio Gas System which was started in the Last Two Weeks will light the first flame from the Gas in approximately two weeks.

According to the Principal, the Gas will help the cooking of the College Meals which will then ease the pain of the Firewood collection perhaps from a a very large Bundle to a medium size Bundle.

This was not the first time for a BigGas system to be tried here in the College. There have been few attempts in the past but it did not work. Now it looks like we are going to join countries like Britain and Australia in the industry of Biogas.

I will have more news of this as it develops throughout the week.

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