Ko e ‘aho fakamanatu ‘o e ta’u 147

Being 147 is a very long time for someone to live and as our days a numbered so is the very life of Tupou College. Tupou College is a living name and a living persona for it lives amongst us . It lives in the lives of Ex-Students, in the lives of Ex-teachers, in the lives of parents and in the lives of the current student. One would also say that it lives in the lives of those who knows the name and also in the lives of those who are willing to enter the college. Tupou College being 147 years old still lives amongst us, as if we still remember its usefulness like if it were just yesterday. This year on the 16th of February the College celebrated its 147th anniversary. The Reverend Lopeti Taufa (FWC Ex-President) was the Minister who gave the words for the sermon. His sermon was on the Books of the Hebrews 12: 1 & 2. He gave his sermon a theme “Tupou College in this 147 years”. Lopeti reminded us the rightful duties of Teachers, students, parents and Ex-students and also reminded the College the expectation of the society and the church. The turnout was most spectacular as we had visitors from all around the world. The guest of honor was HRH PILINISI TUPOUTO’A ‘ULUKALALA. (The President of the Ex-Student Association) Mr. Tevita Ma’u (Ex student from Nafualu) attended the thanksgiving service by reading the 1st hymn of the sermon. Rev Longinusi Tu’ipulotu (Acting Principal) read the lesson from the Psalm. Tangiketatau Sailosi (Ex-Student from Australia) read the books of Exodus 17: 8-16. Paula Sunia Bloomfield an Ex – Student and Ex Minister of Education for the Tongan Government read the books of the Hebrews 12: 1-3. ‘Aisake Eke an Ex-student and a Parliamentarian read the gospel from Mathew 13: 52-53. Dr. ‘Ahio the Free Wesleyan Church President gave the prayer of blessing for the 147 years of college. The Hymn number 2: 624 was read by Haniteli Fine an Ex-Student and ‘Isileli Eke the 2013 head-prefect read the last hymn. To the mat of Helen: The college had prepared a ma’ulu’ulu, mako and dances as to provide entertainment while the guest of honour and the distinguish guest have their lunch but due to inconveniencies the college had to cancel all entertainment. Lunch was provided by the students of the college. It had to be the largest food gathering this year for every student of the school prepared 5 trays of ‘ready to eat’ food and just imagine how much food was collected by the 1000 plus students of this year. The Faikava was held throughout the day and into the night. The Head prefect also gave the College a gift of which it made a lot of people happy. His family would have been proud of what they did for everyone that was on the ‘The Mat of Helen’ that day was surely blessed by the gifts they gave. It was a day not to be forgotten for everyone filled with the music of the Band, and the pretty speeches that was said.

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  1. Christina Taufa says:

    i miss the malanga of the aho bt hey i arrived just in time for the distribution of the food…. hhhhhh fank u so mujjj boiss for the food… it was delicious…. i had fun eventhough the band only played religious songs… but hey it was still fun…. just like ur back at home…. we all wish that grand father [Rev. Lopeti Taufa] will make it to the 150 years of the school….

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