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The Tupou College Annual event – The Inter-House Athletics competition was held on the 2nd week of this term – 7th to the 8th of Feb. The result came unexpectedly to the house of Roger Page. As long as one could remember, Roger Page has never one this prestigious tournament because they have never been gifted with such dedicated and hard working members such as those of this year. Viliami Siale led the senior boys into victory while Fekita Tau aggressively took out the junior competition.

It was an event to remember as hundreds of spectators turned up to the ‘Mat of Helen’ to watch this miraculous event as the boys enjoyed their time out of the Classroom. It were days of feasting of their favourite meal “The chicken noodle”. Who would not avert from his exciting event, even the sick turned up to see who would win the major event of the day such as 100 metres of the senior boys or the 4X100m relay competition.

I am going to give you the overall results of the tournament with some photos of the tournament.

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  1. fololini puloka says:

    Hi Aisake malo ae si’i tokaga’i e fanau pea malo hono omai ae ta keu si’i sio ai kia fekita ofa lahi atu kia tina moe kau leka mo fekita foki ofa atu fololini Puloka

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