The Expansion of the Golden Forest

Ko e vaota ‘o e Kolisi pe ko ia ‘oku ‘iloa koe vaota Koula pe ko e Golden Forest. Ne talu pe e tu’u e Vaota′ni mei he taimi na’e hiki mai e Kolisi ki Toloa′ni. Ko ‘eni pe e vaota ‘oku kei toe he kelekele ‘o Tongatapu.

‘Oku ‘ahia ‘e he ngaahi ako’anga ‘o e ‘Otu Tonga ‘a e vaotaa′ni he ngaahi ‘uhinga kehekehe, kae tautautefito pe ki he ngaahi ‘uhinga fakaako. ‘Oku hoko ai e Vaotaa′ni ko e resource lelei fakaako.

Ko e vaota he ngaahi ‘aho′ni, ‘oku ne fepaki mo e ngaahi faingata’a lahi ‘aupito. ‘Oku fai atu ki ai e ngaahi ngoue hangē ko e ngaahi ma’ala pea koe‘uhi ko e ngaahi faito’o kehekehe ‘oku ngāue’aki ki hono fana e ngaahi ngoue ‘ufi ‘oku′ne uesia ai pe e potu vao′ni. Ko e taha e ngaahi palopalema ‘oku hoko ki he vaotaa′ni ko hono tā ‘a hono ngaahi ‘akau.

Kuo fai ai e ngāue ki hono fakahaofi e vaotā′ni ‘aki hono toe fakalahi. Ko e ngāue fakalahi ko ‘eni ko hono tō e ngaahi ‘akau fua he ngaahi tafatafa’aki e vaotā′ni. ‘Oku ‘i ai e faka’amu ‘e tokoni mai ‘a e to’utangata′ni ki hono fakahaofi e koloa mahu’inga ko ‘eni ‘a e Kolisi Ko Tupou.

The Tupou College Forest or otherwise known as the Golden Forest was established and left as it is when the College first moved here in 1946. Since then many have visited the forest for several reasons but mainly for education purposes. Therefore the Forest is a Golden Resource “academically” for the College.

However, the Forest is facing a lot of problems. There are several crop plantations nearby (too near) that uses a lot of chemicals. It does affect the forest in the long run. There are also the man powers in destroying the trees for medicine and also for firewood is also another cause of this destruction.

The Tupou College Forestry Department lead by Sione Tonutonu Fifita and the previous caretaker Rev Sepuloni Folau have tried to increase the size of the forest by planting new trees and several types of fruit trees.

They only hope the generation of today will help the preservation of this golden resource of our time here in the College.

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