Common Test

The ending of term 1 is slowly coming to an end. This week is the last week (week 10) and the school is having its common test. This is to test what the teachers has delivered to the kids and also what the students have learnt.

It has been a tough term as the students and teachers facing a lot of changes to its boarding houses and especially the time. Tupou College has moved back to the original time keeping. Waking up at 6 am in the morning. The school ends at 1:50pm. this allows the student to work and also have alot of time free for recreation after work.

After hearing from students and staff members, this time allocation is preferable because it benefits the students educationally.

More news will be coming throughout the week so stay tune to your favorite web-site.


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  1. Aisea Laukau says:

    Wow, can I come back again..hhh,, tell us more Aisake. What are the teaching staff doing after 1.50pm? Do they have Dept meetings, committe meetings, Teaching development meetings etc or they their working hours finish at 1.50pm? It would be great to here from you>.

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