Champions of the Champions

It was the competition that we have all been waiting for. 2013 was just a trial year for the Band competition and 2014 was the year where things was serious.

The year 2014 was the year where they all took things to the next level. It was 3 nights of tense competition of Tupou College Brass Band took part in all categories. There was the Hymn Category, the assigned Anthem, and the 15 minute entertainment pieces.

‘Elone Niu, Samiu ‘Atiola, Viliami Fifita and Siosaia Folau took the brass band to a level where all of Tonga witnessed the miracle of working together and discovering their God gifted Talents. Some spectators said that Tupou College Brass Band should not compete next year as they are too good. However, another said that Tupou College has just set the Bench Mark for other bands to try to reach and That Tupou College has just given ideas to the other bands and conductors.

However, Tupou College Brass Band  came first in every categories they entered except for the fast soloist which Steven Palei came second.

The Tupou College Brass Band was renounced as the Champion of champions after the competition.


  1. Christina Taufa says:

    love my brothers from the Tupou College Brass Band to no end… Malo lahi e gaue fanau pea malo hono fai.. koe pale o e ngaue lelei koe toe oatu moe toe ngaue lelei e taha.. malo lahi hono ngaueaki lelei homou taleniti koia ne foaki adu ‘ehe ‘Otua… you surely have set a new mile stone for the other Brass bands to follow. mujjjjjjj ofa adu kia kimoutolu katoa…

  2. Christina Taufa says:

    ‘Aisake kataki pe kapau nake ma’u ha ‘u ta peake toki upload hake kataki.. Malo

  3. Howard Tong says:

    Wow. Just heard them at Civic Square in Wellington and I was blown away. From a bbrass band background I appreciated that their selection of music was from a wide range of taste and difficulty. Wow!

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