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Road Projects

The Road Project

The road project has started on the second of December 2014. This is to pave the road to the plantation to make transportation easier to the cattle farm and also to the student and staff plantation. The School’s quarry has been revived to keep the costs down. Machines was received fromĀ  the kindness of the Government and also Luna’s Malapo quarry.

These roads will be used by students as they travel daily to their plantations. It is suppose to give them the comfort of going to the bush and to also make sure they will be using one path as they travel forth and back. The farm will also use these roads as they deliver water to the cattle farm. Milking cows will also have a path to travel on.

The Rugby academy also started and Sinipata ‘Uhila and ‘Aloveita Tongamana was there to help the future rugby stars of the college develop their talent.