The Building of the New Dormitory

DSC03457 DSC03459 DSC03460 DSC03463 DSC03544 DSC03546DSC03405 - CopyThis is a project fully funded by the Local Churches, Board of Trustees. It was first initiated by the former Principal Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone, President of the Education Department of the time Rev ‘Alifeleti ‘Atiola with the help of advisors from the church and the Ex-Student body. Now, we are in 2015 and what was a dream and a table of discussion, it is slowly becoming a reality.

First there was the Road Projects carried out by the school, the refurbishing the Century Building, the Finau house and the Taliai building. We are looking forward to the establishing of many more memorial buildings but the main talk is about the new dormitory underway.

Just to the north, 15 meters away, from the old position of the old Sione Tomasi “John Thomas” Dormitory is the site for the new Dormitory funded by the church as mentioned. This is a 28.8m long, 7m wide Dormitory. This will provide a safe and a more secure location for the boys to call their home.

The foundation of the building was carefully layed and formed by the carpenters of the College, ‘Isime’eli Tu’inauvai, Feleti Hungalu, Senituli Napa’a, Lotu Vailea, ‘Isi Hufanga, Hosea Te’ekiu, Paea Mafi. It only took 2 weeks and this was an amazing job of cooperation between the team and other staff.

Other Staff Members joined in and what was supposed to be hard work, it was made easy by other staff members joining in.

At the moment, the four walls of the building is up and ready and was because of the big help from the Team of brick layers from the community of Hofoa. They turned up in numbers and again the laying of the four walls only took a day and a half. The temporary pastor for the church lead the way and it was a joy to see such people helping in, leaving their normal daily occupation and come to help build the new dormitory.

It will not be long now before we see another major change in the history to come of Tupou College.




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