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Sunday 14th February

Although the official celebration for the 150 Sesquicentennial of the College will be in June (SUTT/FWC Church Conference), the Principal and the staff of Tupou College who are residing at the Campus decided just to mark the importance of the date by holding a Sunday service that was broadcasted around the country. The President of the Church mentioned in his encouraging words to the school on his first Sunday Sermon, he will be very careful not to touch on the date and so did the school Principal. On the Principal’s birthday wish to Rev Siupeli Taliai, the principal said that he will leave everything for him when he comes in June and the celebration will be proper.

However, the Principal delivered the most touching sermon he has ever given. His key verse was taken from Luke 4:13a “… He left him for a while” and his theme was “You look towards Jesus”. He encouraged both staff and student to overcome obstacles by living a good life for Satan and God are constantly fighting over individual lives and we as humans determines who would win. It is whom we give in to will win the battle.

Lord Tangi Vaonukonuka and Tu’i ‘Afitu attended the sermon. Friends from abroad and overseas attended. Our friend from Newington College, Staff and students marked the day with their presence. However the preparation for the 150 Celebration is underway and everyone here in the campus is looking forward to this very special occasion.