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Well Done ‘Atele! 2016 Champion

19981220_Tevita-Vaikona_420pxThis article is taken from Tevita Vaikona whom is now working in Tonga for the Real Rugby Program. I just thought that this analysis will help us Tupou College Rugby.

Well done ‘Atele! 2016 Champion.

Finals is about winning the game. Win ugly, win pretty, win hard, win easy. Just win it._DSC0172

These tight games, field positions is so crucial. You dominate field positions, you keep the score board ticking with penalty here & there, a drop goal may be, or just score tries! Not only that, but if you turn over the ball, the opposition will have to travel a long way to your try line. So basically you have plenty of time to scramble. Oh, scramble defense! ‘Atele does this better than any other.

I mentioned weeks ago two teams are in danger of being predictable and so become easy to play against. To win a rugby game you need to score more points then your opposition. To score points, you have to be willing to attack. To attack you have to have the skill-set. To have the skill-set you need to practice.

You do what you practice.

In the collision area today, ‘Atele looked for the opportunity to make a pass/offload. Let alone scoring those outstanding wide tries. I watched a few tight collisions in the forward and those forwards (props even) were making small offloads. Those small offloads build confidence. But coaches know you can have the best structured defense but how do you defense against offloads? Sonny Bill opposition can tell you you just can’t.

The small fullback won man of the match, but by far the No.7 and skipper has been the outstanding player in the last few weeks. For some reason ‘Atele’s line-out didn’t work today. Parity at scrums. Set piece were messy and no side dominated. I felt it came down to the kicking game, which ‘Atele clearly won. ‘Atele won the kicking game and not because they kicked better. Although one or two brilliant kicks from ‘Atele fullback. The chase!

‘Atele’s chasing game were superior. ‘Apifo’ou kicked bombd mainly. Right kick to use considering the size of the ‘Atele fullback. ‘Atele made some very crucial kick-chase play and so dominate the field positions. And see what happened when you dominate field positions?

Well done ‘Atele. You played smart because you play all season to your strength. I am glad you won because your style is a good blend. Also, I predicted so! lol

Rugby (Real) Tevita Vaikona
not from
Rev. Tevita Fotofili Vaikona…

Champions of Champions

A night worth remembering is when Tupou College Band became the champions once again defending their title from 2015.

There was no doubt that Tupou College was going to be the champions once again due to the hard work that the boys had put in.

“The support of the College Administration to the band is enormous and also the support of parents is just so unbelievable. We could not have made it through this year’s events if it was not for the prayers of the staff and students, family and friends as well as the Ex-students.” says ‘Elone Niu.

This however will not be the end for this year. We will keep up with the practice hours for there is always something around the corner.

Go Band!

All Hope Rests with Grade 1, 3 and 5

Tupou College Rugby is still counting on the Grade 1, 3 and 5 to take us home to our 150th Anniversary. We may be out on the Senior Competition but there is still hope as the Grades that made it through will have their chance to win their respective finals this week.

Last week’s scores have given us a glimpse of what the finals would be like as grade one beat their opponent comfortably by 17 to 5, Grade three heading home with a 27-3 victory and grade 5 gave it their all at the Teufaiva Park with a 25 to 7 score at the end of the time.

This week all opponent are none other but Tonga College. There will be fun and upsets so_DSC0074 _DSC0080 _DSC0091 _DSC0093 _DSC0106 _DSC0113 _DSC0115 Lets get out there and support the boys. Go Blue Go Red

A Semi Final Defeat

It was just a few days ago that our Senior Team was defeated by Tonga College in a very suspense close game. The score was 21 to 17.

According to Sinipata ‘Uhila the Head Coach for the boys in Blue, Tonga College rightfully deserves the win as there were many handling errors especially when the ball was near the try line. “We practiced all week long to perfect our mistakes from our previous games but that did not stop us from forcing errors which confused us and the spectators. Whether the boys where switched on or not, at the end of the day it is what the scoreboard says that counts.”

This defeat means it is the end of the season for us while Tonga College and ‘Apifo’ou College will move on to the final Playoff.

It is without no doubt that we will never forget this year as we all wanted the win to mark our 150th Anniversary so perhaps we will learn from our basic mistakes which could have been the factor that cost us the game.

The boys however did everything they could but the defense line of the Tonga College was strong at the middle of the game and a full Credit goes to their captain

There was a big turn out to the Teufaiva Park to see these two great rugby schools competing for the only spot left of the 2016 season finale.

The school boys from both schools sang their hearts out to show their support but as the saying goes “there could only be one winner.”

Congratulation to the boys from the Funga Manamo’ui and may God bless you all in your preparation to the Finals with ‘Apifo’ou College. Go Lions.

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

_DSC0504 _DSC0453 _DSC0398 _DSC0397 _DSC0394 _DSC0381 _DSC0374 _DSC0364 _DSC0363 _DSC0350 _DSC0294 _DSC0273 _DSC0272 _DSC0260 _DSC0249 _DSC0244 _DSC0243 _DSC0240 _DSC0223

Teukolisi 'Atiola and the boys in Blue

Teukolisi ‘Atiola and the boys in Blue


Official Logo

12742383_802630609881084_6785096139495732166_nThis is the official Logo of the college for the 150 Anniversary. The paper work for copyrighting the Logo as the sole property of the school has been done. It is to protect our Logo against Commercial Businesses towards the 150 Celebration.

Those of you who wants to use this Logo must first contact the school Principal and the administrators for rights.


Sunday 14th February

Although the official celebration for the 150 Sesquicentennial of the College will be in June (SUTT/FWC Church Conference), the Principal and the staff of Tupou College who are residing at the Campus decided just to mark the importance of the date by holding a Sunday service that was broadcasted around the country. The President of the Church mentioned in his encouraging words to the school on his first Sunday Sermon, he will be very careful not to touch on the date and so did the school Principal. On the Principal’s birthday wish to Rev Siupeli Taliai, the principal said that he will leave everything for him when he comes in June and the celebration will be proper.

However, the Principal delivered the most touching sermon he has ever given. His key verse was taken from Luke 4:13a “… He left him for a while” and his theme was “You look towards Jesus”. He encouraged both staff and student to overcome obstacles by living a good life for Satan and God are constantly fighting over individual lives and we as humans determines who would win. It is whom we give in to will win the battle.

Lord Tangi Vaonukonuka and Tu’i ‘Afitu attended the sermon. Friends from abroad and overseas attended. Our friend from Newington College, Staff and students marked the day with their presence. However the preparation for the 150 Celebration is underway and everyone here in the campus is looking forward to this very special occasion.

Polokalama Fakaangaanga

Ko e Polokalama Fakaangaanga ki he Katoanga 150
Falaite 17 Sune 2016 (Maamaloa)
9:00am         Kamata ‘o e Lesisita ‘o e kau Ako Tutuku

Tokonaki 18 Sune 2016 (Maamaloa)
3:00pm        Fononga ki Palasi mo e Hala ‘o e Siasi
‘Aho 1: Sapate 19 Sune 2016 (Toloa)
1:00pm       Pō lotu Fafe’iloaki kau Ako Tutuku mo e Konifelenisi 93
4:00pm       Ma’u me’atokoni talitali ‘o e kau Ako tutuku mo e Konifelenisi 93
Fakafeohi ‘a e kau Ako Tutuku

‘Aho 2: Tusite 20 Sune 2016 (Toloa)
Ko e Ako’anga mo ‘ene ngāue
6:00 am     Lotu ‘ā ‘i he ngaahi nofo’anga (Falemohe)
8:00am      Ko e laka fakafale ‘a e kau ako tutuku ki he ngaahi ki he lotu     kamata ‘o e ‘aho
8:30am     Ko e lotu kamata mo e ngaahi tu’utu’uni ‘o e ‘aho
‘A’ahi ki he ngaahi ngaue kuo lava mo e ngaahi ouau lotu fakatāpui
Ngaahi lokiako mo e ngaahi va’a ako fo’ou
Ngaahi falemohe
Ngoue mo e Faama
Ngaahi va’a ako fo’ou
1:00pm    Ma’u me’atokoni ho’atā
(Ko e ngaahi vala fakafamili mo e kau ako lolotonga)
3:00pm   Ko e ngaahi faka’ali’ali mei he ako lolotonga
(Ko e ngaahi ngaue kuo lava)
7:00pm   Ko e Hala Fononga mei he kuohili (Documentary)
Ko e ngaahi lea Manatu Melie
‘Aho 3:   Tusite 21 Sune 2016 (Nuku’alofa)
Ko e laka fakato’uako mo e Taliui
8:00am   Tuku pale ‘i Mala’ekula
9:00am   Laka fakato’uako mei Mala’ekula ki he falelotu Senituli
10:00am Taliui ‘o e kau ako tutuku
12:00pm Ma’u me’atokoni ho’ata mo e Konifelenisi
(Ngaahi Vala mei Tokelau)
2:00pm   Polokalama Konifelenisi
5:00pm   Ma’u me’atokoni efiafi mo e Konifelenisi
7:00pm   Ko e Halafononga ki he kaha’u
Ko e fakataulama ‘a e kau ako tutuku
(Ngaahi fasi mei he Kolisi Newington)

‘Aho 4: Pulelulu 22 Sune 2016 (Nuku’alofa)
Folofola Malanga Tupou IV
(Fakamanatu 150 ‘o e Kolisi Ko Tupou mo hono huufi ‘o e     Konifelenisi 93)
9:00am    Talitali e kau fakaafe, kau Ako Tutuku mo e Konifelenisi 93
10:00am  Folofola Malanga fakamanatu 150 mo e huufi e Konifelenisi 93
12:00pm  Taumafa Ho’atā
(Talitali ‘a e Palesiteni Lahi Ako Tutuku – Tama Pilinisi     Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala mo e Konifelenisi.)

Ngaahi fakame’ite ‘o e ‘aho
5:00pm   Ma’u me’atokoni efiafi
7:00pm   Faka’ali’ali Musika Kolisi ko Tupou, Ako Newington mo e kau hiva ‘a e ngaahi ako

‘Aho 5: Tu’apulelulu 23 Sune 2016 (Toloa)
Ko hono fakaola ‘o e fale fakamanatu 150 pea mo e Tohi Hisitolia  Kolisi ko Tupou ‘e Tupou IV

8:30am   Fakanofonofo ‘o e kau fakaafe mo e kau ako tutuku
9:00am   Huufi ‘o e fale fakamanatu mo hono tapuaki’i ‘o e tohi hisitolia ‘o e  Kolisi ko Tupou
11:00am Ha’ele ‘a’ahi ki he ngāue ‘i he vaotātā
12:00pm Taumafa ho’atā
Talitali ‘a e Kolisi ko Tupou mo e ‘api ko Toloa
(Ngaahi vala ‘o e kau ngāue lolotonga mo e kau ako tutuku mei muli)
3:00pm  Foki ‘a e Konifelenisi ki Nuku’alofa
5:00pm  Ma’u me’atokoni efiafi
7:00pm  Fakataha Konifelenisi

‘Aho 6: Falaite 24 Sune 2016 (Nuku’alofa)
Ko e fakakakato mo e talamonū fakaako tutuku
9:00am   Polokalama Konifelenisi
12:00pm Ma’u me’atokoni ho’atā Konifelenisi
3:00pm   Polokalama ‘akapulu ‘a e Kolisi ko Tupou mo e kau ‘a’ahi mei  Newington
Polokalama ‘a e Konifelenisi
5:00pm  Ma’u me’atokoni efiafi Konifelenisi
7:00pm  Ko e pōlotu fakama’opo’opo ‘o e katoanga 150

Kau ako tutuku:
Hoko atu ‘a e polokalama fakafeohi mo e ‘a’ahi ‘i he Kolisi Ko Tupou

Words of Thanks from Tupou College to the USA

Fakamālō mei he Kolisi ko Tupou ki ‘Amelika ma’ae Fononga ‘o e 150

Fakafeta’i kia Sihova he ‘oku lelei IA; pea ‘oku lelei ma’u ai pe ‘a ‘Ene ngaahi ngāueʹ. ‘Inasi ai ‘a e vaivai mo e ‘auheeʹ, pea hao atu ai si’i Fononga ‘o e 150.

Kuo tu’uta hao mai ‘a e kotoa ‘o ‘etau kau folau ki Toloa, fakafeta’i ne ‘ikai ha melemo pe tafia. Ko e Tama ko Pilinisi ‘Ulukalala Tupouto’a ne ‘i taumu’a, fakafeangai ‘a Mo’unga ki he Loto kae fakataulama ‘a e Sekelitali Lahi ‘o e Siasi. Toki ‘alo’alo atu pe ‘a e Ongo Mafi – Lekeleka mo Ha’amea mo ‘ena fānau to’o palasa, simipale mo e nafa. Fakafeta’i ne te’eki tu’o taha ke fakafisinga pe kalokalo mai ha taulanga, ka ko e ‘ofeina pe mo e lotofale’ia.

Ki he kau faifekau kotoa pe ‘o e ‘Ikale mei he Lotofale ‘o e UMC mo e SUTT pea ki he kotoa ‘a e ngaahi funga vaka ‘o e Katolika, Penitekosi, Tonga Hou’eiki mo e Tonga Tau’ataina, Mamonga mo e Komiuniti Tonga kotoa; pea ki he ngaahi Fale Kalapu mo e si’i kainga ‘ofa kotoa pe – Mo’oni na’e ‘ikai toe fai ha lau lanu pe lau tu’unga, he na’a mou afe kotoa pe ke vakai ‘a e to’e pea ‘ikai toe mole taimi ke faka’eke ‘a e founga hono kafo, kae tulu’i leva e lavea pea lilingi ‘a e ‘alapasita mo taki ki he fale talifononga, ‘isa ‘a e Falekai Pahia mo e Fanga‘otaha ‘o e Lotu pea fai ai si’onau Fakanonga kae fiu tānaki ‘a e ‘Ofa.

Ki he Komiti Ngāue ‘a e Kolisi Tutuku, Palesiteni ‘Aisake Fifita, Sekelitali Suaesi Ma’afu, Tauhi Pa’anga ‘Ofa Sisifa pea mo e kau taula’eiki ne tu’u tafa’aki ke poupou hono fatufatu ‘a e mape ‘o e Fononga ‘i he funga ‘o e sinou mo e momoko. Na’e se’ese’e atu pe ‘a e ‘aisi ‘e he mafana ‘o ho’omou kelesi pea a’u mātu’u mo hao holo ai pe si’i fanau Toloa. Ki he ngaahi ‘Api Siasi ne ma’u pununga ai ‘a e kau folau – ko e mo’oni na’e sai ange ho’omou tauhi ‘i he’emau tokanga. Fakamalo atu Faifekau Sela Manu mo Alafua Fisi’ihoi, Kalatini mo Heilala ‘Ahio, Fotofili Vaikona; Loni Veikoso ki LA pea mo Havili Mone ki SLC.

Fakamolemole atu Kau Faifekau, si’i Kainga ‘Ofa kotoa pe mo e Kau Kolisi Tutuku ‘eiki mo lava me’a pea ki he fu’u ‘ā malu ‘o e Kau Ta’e’iloa; ‘oku ‘ikai te mau lava ke fālute ha fakamatala hingoa he ‘oku ‘ikai haofia ‘etau lisi (pea tuku mu’a ia ki he Peesi ‘a e 150 Katoa ki Toloa), ka te mau fakamo’oni atu – ‘oku Toka ‘i Ma’ananga ‘a e Lekooti ho’omou Li’oa pea mo e Folanima kotoa.

Fakafeta’i na’e ‘ikai to kelekele ‘a e fie hua ‘a e Palesiteni Lahi (tapu mo ia), he kuo tangaki ‘a e ngaahi ‘ai’angame’a ‘a e Kau Maki ‘o e ‘Ikale ‘o fakakoloa ‘a e Fononga ‘o e 150. Kuo mou tā e afe, tā e mano, tā e kilu pea ope atu hahau ki he miliona.

Ke ‘o e ‘Otua ai pe, Ko e Kapiteni ‘o e Fononga – ‘a e Langilangi mo e Ngeia ‘o Lauikuonga pea Ta’engata.

Tu’a’ofa atu fau mo e Faka’apa’apa Lahi
Mei he Fononga ‘o e 150 ‘a e Kolisi ko Tupou.

Na’e kulupu ‘e ua ‘a e Fononga, ‘o fakatefito ‘a e taha ‘i LA pea taha ‘i Frisco. Ko e anga ‘eni ‘o e ngaahi ‘ofa ne tanaki ‘e he ongo kulupu:

Kulupu LA:
1. Colton                            12,018
2. Arizona                           22,550
3. Salt Lake City                  93,143
4. Las Vegas                         3,250
5. Texas                             43,088
6. SUTT                              16,037
7. Santa Ana                       72,382
8. Riverside                        12,115
9. Pomona                          12,055
10. Lennox                        100,318
11. Bellflower                      23,500
12. Long Beach                    13,534
13. Lennox – Band Bonuses   26,457

Katoa                           USD$450,447

Kulupu Frisco:
1. SUTT Tapanekale             31,713
2. UMC Redwood                 11,948
3. SUTT Penieli                    74,100
4. SUTT Stockton                   5,102
5. SUTT Sacramento               6,210
6. UMC Sacramento              20,865
7. SUTT & UMC Monterey       32,506
8. Siasi Tonga Hou’eiki Oakland 10,019
9. SUTTA                            22,038
10. Seattle                          12,825
11. Reno                             12,529
12. SUTT Alaska Barrow         13,763
13. SUTT Walnut & UMC Martinez 50,415
14. UMC San Bruno              125,710
15. Umc Laurel Oakland         56,300
16. UMC Portland Oregon       10,000
17. UMC Falehufanga & UMC Shoreview 16,434
18. SUTT Anchorage Alaska      3,000
19. Siasi Penitekosi               11,600
20. UMC Palo Alto, UMC Wesley, Genesis 46,212
21. UMC Hayward, UMC 103 Oakland 153,727
22. Siasi Mamonga 10,000

Katoa US                         $USD737,016

WEEK 5 DRAW – 19th June 2015

Grade 1A Vs. ‘Atele A – Tupou High – 1:00 pm

Grade 1B Vs. LTL – Tailulu – 1:50 pm
Grade 2A – Bye
Grade 2B – Bye
Grade 3A Vs. Apifo’ou – Atele – 1:00 pm
Grade 3B Vs. Sa’anitelu – Atele – 2:00 pm
Grade 4 – Bye
Grade 5 Vs. ‘Atele – Longolongo – 2:10pm
Senior B Vs. TLC
Senior A Vs. Lavengamalie – Teufaiva – 3:40 pm

Ground Breaking for the 150 Building

Na’e lava lelei hono tanu pou e fale fakamanatu ‘a e ta’u 150 ‘a e Kolisi Ko Tupou ‘i he ‘aho Monite ko hono 1 ‘o Sune. Na’e me’a e Tangata’eiki Palesiteni “ko e langa fakahisitolia ‘eni he kelekele fakahisitolia. Ko e mahu’inga ‘o e Tanu pou ‘o e ‘aho ni ko hono fakatoka ‘oe ngaahi makatu’unga ‘o e fale pea ‘oku fakatoka ki ai pea mo e Laumalie Ma’oni’oni.”

Na’a ne toe me’a foki ki he fekau ‘o e ‘aho – ‘a ia ko e langa ‘oku fai ‘oku ‘ikai ko ha fale ke fai ai ha sani tungua, ka ko e fale ke toe faka’ofo’ofa ange ai ‘a e teu tangata, ko e fale ke tokonaki ha Tangata Kolisi Ko Tupou lelei ‘a ia ‘e ‘aonga ki he Pule’anga, Siasi mo e Famili.

Kuo kamata e ngaue mahu’inga ni pea ‘oku fai e langa ‘e he kautaha ko e Southseas Developer. Ko hono tu’u’anga ko e feitu’u ne tu’u ai e falelotu motu’a ‘o e Kolisi ‘i he vaha’a ‘o e falefakamanatu ‘o Tungi Mailefihi pea mo e fale fakamanatu ‘o Fatafehi Tu’i-Pelehake.

Ko e fale ni ko e fale fungavaka he ‘oku ‘i ai e fiema’u ke e’a hake ki ‘olunga he ko e fale ni te ne fakama’opo’opo mai e kau taki ‘o e ‘api ko Toloa pea ‘e fai mei ai hono fakalele e Kolisi motu’a taha ‘o e  Pasifiki, ‘a e Kolisi ne fuofua ako’i e nofo fakasivilaise fakalotu mo e fakaako.
‘Oku kei fai pe hono fakakaukau’i e Huafa ‘o e falefakamanatu ni ka kuo mahino mai pe ko e Huafa ‘e ‘ai ki he Fale ni te tau polepole mo fiefia kotoa ai.

Na’e ‘i he Katoanga ni ‘a e Palesiteni ‘o e Siasi, Lord Tangi ‘o Vaonukonuka (Sekelitali Lahi e Kautaha Kolisi Tutuku), Tuitu’u Tokotaha (Sea ‘o e Komiti Ngaue), Hon Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa (Tauhi Pa’anga Lahi e Kolisi Tutuku), Tomasi Naite Fakahua (Sekelitali e Komiti Ngaue), ‘Ungatea Taufatofua (Talekita ‘o e Kautaha Langa) mo e toenga ‘o e kau Kolisi Tutuku, Puleako mo e kaungaue ‘o e Kolisi mo e fanauako lolotonga.


The groundbreaking Ceremony for the Memorable Building for 150 years Celebration was conducted on the 1st of June. The President of the Church, Rev Dr. ‘Ahio and the Secretary General of the Tupou College Ex-Students, officially marked the beginning of what is said to be a historical Construction on a historical ground. “Today’s ceremony is not just marking of the laying of the iron foundation but it is also laying of the spiritual foundation” says the President of the Church. “It is a building where it will help College Leaders and Staff to prepare well-disciplined young men for the future of Tonga.

The Construction work is under the direction of the South-Seas Developer. The Memorable Building is located where the Old Church used to be, between the Memorable Building of His Majesty Tungi Mailefihi and the Memorable Building of His Majesty Fatafehi Tu’i-Pelehake.
This is going to be a Story-House building of which it will help the Principals and the Administration Staff to oversee the operation of the oldest school in the Pacific.

A name for this building is yet to be decided, however as mentioned by the Secretary General “whatever name it may be given, it will make everyone happy and proud of the work that we are starting today”