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A Semi Final Defeat

It was just a few days ago that our Senior Team was defeated by Tonga College in a very suspense close game. The score was 21 to 17.

According to Sinipata ‘Uhila the Head Coach for the boys in Blue, Tonga College rightfully deserves the win as there were many handling errors especially when the ball was near the try line. “We practiced all week long to perfect our mistakes from our previous games but that did not stop us from forcing errors which confused us and the spectators. Whether the boys where switched on or not, at the end of the day it is what the scoreboard says that counts.”

This defeat means it is the end of the season for us while Tonga College and ‘Apifo’ou College will move on to the final Playoff.

It is without no doubt that we will never forget this year as we all wanted the win to mark our 150th Anniversary so perhaps we will learn from our basic mistakes which could have been the factor that cost us the game.

The boys however did everything they could but the defense line of the Tonga College was strong at the middle of the game and a full Credit goes to their captain

There was a big turn out to the Teufaiva Park to see these two great rugby schools competing for the only spot left of the 2016 season finale.

The school boys from both schools sang their hearts out to show their support but as the saying goes “there could only be one winner.”

Congratulation to the boys from the Funga Manamo’ui and may God bless you all in your preparation to the Finals with ‘Apifo’ou College. Go Lions.

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

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Teukolisi 'Atiola and the boys in Blue

Teukolisi ‘Atiola and the boys in Blue


Tour to Newington College 2013

Traditional Dance on Founders Day

Traditional Dance on Founders Day

From 27 June until 22 July, our friends and family from our brother school in Tonga, Tupou College were here to help us celebrate our Sesquicentenary.

We tried our best to match the hospitality that has been shown to us over the last three years when we have been guests at Tupou College during our Service Learning and U15 Rugby tours. We have enjoyed immense generosity and care from our Tongan host families.

During their stay, the Tupou touring party were looked after by the Tongan community in Sydney, Canberra, Griffith and Melbourne and by many Newington families and staff members who, with open arms, took them into their homes and hosted them during their stay. In return, the Tupou College brass band and choir performed at many community fundraising events and almost literally “blew the roof off” at many of the Sesquicentenary celebrations.

Within the first week, the Tupou College first XV team and coaches, accompanied by Mr Quince and Mr Gill, went to an exclusive NSW Waratahs training session. The following week all 90 Tupou staff and students were given free tickets to see Newington versus Trinity College’s AJ Rae Curtain Raiser game at ANZ Stadium. This was a new experience and all of the touring party loved it.

Tupou College also played a number of games against the College’s own team as well as Sydney Grammar’s First XV. We thank Sydney Grammar for hosting Tupou College and for generously gifting the team a set of balls, cones and drink bottles.

Tupou College’s First XV defeated Newington’s 3rd XV 53-0 in a tough encounter. Tupou College played in jerseys donated by Randwick Rugby club and it was quite awesome to see the Tongan Haka performed on the Johnson Oval before the match.

Sunday 14 July saw Tupou College formally welcomed as part of a combined Boarders’ Chapel and Welcoming Chapel Service and they filled three hundred seat venue with an extraordinary rich sound with the performances by their Brass Band, Choir and Staff Choir. The service was a collaborative effort by Rev. David Williams and Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone. This was followed by a huge feast for in excess of 300 people in Centenary Hall, hosted by Newington.

Following the Chapel service Newington families and teachers provided billets for 90 students and teachers in their homes for the first week of term. Many great memories were created for our friends from Tupou College.

This is best summed up by Terri and Alister McConnell, one of the billet families.

“As a family we all enjoyed sharing as much as we could around Sydney and our local area, we only wish the time spent together could have been longer! On our last night together when Feleti asked to say “a speech” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including Feleti. They are such beautiful people! It is hard to believe how much he touched our hearts in the few days we were together.”

On Tuesday 16 July, Tupou College’s Marching Band opened our Founders Day celebrations at 8am and could be heard all the way down Stanmore Road. Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone gave a speech and Tupou Choir and brass band performed during the Thanksgiving service. Following our assembly the Marching Band performed an exceptionally choreographed medley of well-known songs on Johnson Oval. The repertoire included music from the Lion King, The Boy from Oz and Rocky. It had the whole school smiling, clapping and talking about it for days afterwards.

On Wednesday Tupou College toured Sydney Harbour followed by an impromptu performance on the steps of the Sydney Opera House to a pleasantly surprised and very appreciative audience. This was followed by a lunch donated by the Papapetros family café Marketa in Town Hall Arcade as they went into rehearsal at The Sydney Town Hall for Founders Concert that evening.

Tupou College had prepared a standout performance for the second half of Founders Concert. Dressed all in white, they performed a brass piece, and a choral number before singing in the combined schools, campuses and staff choir in the finale piece: Parry’s I Was Glad.

The students at Wyvern Campus and our sister school MLC Burwood were the next to meet our Tupou College friends. During lunch, the brass band entertained MLC staff and students and this was reciprocated with a sausage sizzle for the boys.

On their last days at Newington, the Tupou College First XV were coached by Director of Rugby, Tim Rapp and Manu Sutherland from the Wallabies Gold Squad and Brad Gill, Newington First XV Coach. Tupou College were presented with a new scrum sled by Randwick Rugby, Trinity Grammar School and Newington College Rugby Association afterward.

On their final official day at Newington the Tupou Choir visited our Lindfield campus where they filled up on a sweet food, played touch-football and handball and played a big part in the Chapel Service delivered by Rev. Peter Morphew.

The final farewell ceremony on Johnson Oval led by the Newington College Cadet Unit saw the Marching Band perform for the last time. Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone’s gave an empowering, emotional, and heartfelt farewell speech that in the true Tongan spirit showed their gratitude and humility. Tupou College also gifted Newington College two extraordinary traditional Tongan Tapa’s that marked Newington’s Sesquicentenary along with gifts for the Cafeteria staff, the Headmaster and Mr Quince.

This tour would not have been possible without the support of Ken Grover from Gulliver Sport Travel who organised all travel arrangements at cost price to accommodate our touring party.

Written by

Cameron Quince

Head of Fletcher House, Tupou College Tour Co-ordinator

Newington College

Amy Yang

Online Media Officer

Newington College



Kick Starting of the 2013 Rugby Season

Our favourite sport is kicking off this week as Tupou College 1stXV will play against ‘Apifo’ou College as the main game at the Teufaiva Park. Tupou College has started this week in preparation for the season and what a way to start as the rugby greats Ex-Students came to load the players with skills and opportunities to play the game to its maximum best. Viliami ‘Ofahengaue “Willie O”, Siaosi ‘Atiola and Manu Tu’ipulotu came to the Mat of Helen to talk to the boys to how the game is played and how it should be.

Most of the Afternoon was theirs, talking with the coaches from the grades 1 to 5 and spent about an hour and a half with the senior team. For most of the boys they will never forget this day as ‘Willie O’ took the training session and so the Wallabies Great showed the boys that the old school training is still effective as the newly introduced methods of training.

We look forward to another fine result this year as the boys will be running on to the field with an unbeaten record for the last year. Just to remind the boys the Principal has vowed as a cancellations price for remaining unbeaten there will be a team tour to either New Zealand or Australia at the end of the season.

However the season will be tough as Tupou High School proved it to be by winning the Rugby League Season. Tupou High School will also try again this season because of their Silver Jubilee this year.

The boys however will not give up and I am sure with the help of the Ex-Students this year, this will be another year of triumphant and glory for the boys in blue.

Ko e Ola mo e taimitepile ‘o e fe’auhi he ta’uni ‘e ‘asi atu ia he peesi ‘o e sipoti.

Weekend Results

Na’e ikuna  kotoa e ngaahi feinga va’inga e ngaahi timi ‘akapulu kotoa pe e Kolisi Ko Tupou ‘i he falaite ko hono 3 ‘o Me.
Tupou College won all of their games on Friday. It was a home game for the under 17’s and for the Under 19’s. The best win of all is when the Under 19’s beat Tonga College in our own turf.
It was a tough game as Prince ‘Etani lead the attack from the Tonga College Side. It was not until the boys in blues crossed the line after 20 mins of the first half that made the Tonga College boys strived to catch up but there was no opportunity.
Lets hope the Season ends with more of the celebrations from the Athletics Season.