Ko e Matapa Nausori- The Nausori Gate.


There is a saying that once you enter the Nausori Gate you leave behind what you were used to at home. Nausori Gate provides a new home for you as you become a Tupou College Member. Whether you are a staff member or a student you will abide by the values and the beliefs of this school of which Dr. James Eagan Moulton had laid as the foundation of this historical place for Tonga and of the Pacific. The Nausori Gate will be the first site of the College as you enter and the last as you leave.

The Nausori Gate welcomes you to be a part of the Tupou College Community. According to ex-student Rev Kalisitiane Fonua, there were nails on the post of the gate. It meant that when you come in to the college everyone will be treated with equality no matter what you are.