Common Test

The ending of term 1 is slowly coming to an end. This week is the last week (week 10) and the school is having its common test. This is to test what the teachers has delivered to the kids and also what the students have learnt.

It has been a tough term as the students and teachers facing a lot of changes to its boarding houses and especially the time. Tupou College has moved back to the original time keeping. Waking up at 6 am in the morning. The school ends at 1:50pm. this allows the student to work and also have alot of time free for recreation after work.

After hearing from students and staff members, this time allocation is preferable because it benefits the students educationally.

More news will be coming throughout the week so stay tune to your favorite web-site.


The Christmas Band

The Band went to entertain the people of Tonga right in front of their doorstep. Its at least the band could do to show their gratitude for the support of the people and parents to the school Brass Band.

The Surprise Visit

The Newington Principal Dr. David Mulford visited the College. He and Pastor David Williams visited us but mainly for the Induction of Rev ‘Alifeleti ‘Atiola as the new Head Master for the School. It was a special occasion

for us all.

Malanga Fakatahataha e Potungaue Ako Siasi Uesiliana

Sinaitakala flowers

Photos from the Malanga taha.

2014 Athletics Sports

Good News everyone!!!!

The Inter-College Athletics is dawning and the Tupou College Boys are preparing endlessly to maintain the perfect record last year and that was winning the Competition.

Under the co-ordination of Rev Fotu’atungua Tu’akoi and the supervision of the rest of the coaches, the Sports team is gearing up to this years competition.

If i may i will keep you up to date with happenings for the sports competition

Let me remind you all that the Competition will be held on the 15th, 16th and the 17th next month.

Good Luck Everyone

Tour to Newington College 2013

Traditional Dance on Founders Day

Traditional Dance on Founders Day

From 27 June until 22 July, our friends and family from our brother school in Tonga, Tupou College were here to help us celebrate our Sesquicentenary.

We tried our best to match the hospitality that has been shown to us over the last three years when we have been guests at Tupou College during our Service Learning and U15 Rugby tours. We have enjoyed immense generosity and care from our Tongan host families.

During their stay, the Tupou touring party were looked after by the Tongan community in Sydney, Canberra, Griffith and Melbourne and by many Newington families and staff members who, with open arms, took them into their homes and hosted them during their stay. In return, the Tupou College brass band and choir performed at many community fundraising events and almost literally “blew the roof off” at many of the Sesquicentenary celebrations.

Within the first week, the Tupou College first XV team and coaches, accompanied by Mr Quince and Mr Gill, went to an exclusive NSW Waratahs training session. The following week all 90 Tupou staff and students were given free tickets to see Newington versus Trinity College’s AJ Rae Curtain Raiser game at ANZ Stadium. This was a new experience and all of the touring party loved it.

Tupou College also played a number of games against the College’s own team as well as Sydney Grammar’s First XV. We thank Sydney Grammar for hosting Tupou College and for generously gifting the team a set of balls, cones and drink bottles.

Tupou College’s First XV defeated Newington’s 3rd XV 53-0 in a tough encounter. Tupou College played in jerseys donated by Randwick Rugby club and it was quite awesome to see the Tongan Haka performed on the Johnson Oval before the match.

Sunday 14 July saw Tupou College formally welcomed as part of a combined Boarders’ Chapel and Welcoming Chapel Service and they filled three hundred seat venue with an extraordinary rich sound with the performances by their Brass Band, Choir and Staff Choir. The service was a collaborative effort by Rev. David Williams and Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone. This was followed by a huge feast for in excess of 300 people in Centenary Hall, hosted by Newington.

Following the Chapel service Newington families and teachers provided billets for 90 students and teachers in their homes for the first week of term. Many great memories were created for our friends from Tupou College.

This is best summed up by Terri and Alister McConnell, one of the billet families.

“As a family we all enjoyed sharing as much as we could around Sydney and our local area, we only wish the time spent together could have been longer! On our last night together when Feleti asked to say “a speech” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including Feleti. They are such beautiful people! It is hard to believe how much he touched our hearts in the few days we were together.”

On Tuesday 16 July, Tupou College’s Marching Band opened our Founders Day celebrations at 8am and could be heard all the way down Stanmore Road. Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone gave a speech and Tupou Choir and brass band performed during the Thanksgiving service. Following our assembly the Marching Band performed an exceptionally choreographed medley of well-known songs on Johnson Oval. The repertoire included music from the Lion King, The Boy from Oz and Rocky. It had the whole school smiling, clapping and talking about it for days afterwards.

On Wednesday Tupou College toured Sydney Harbour followed by an impromptu performance on the steps of the Sydney Opera House to a pleasantly surprised and very appreciative audience. This was followed by a lunch donated by the Papapetros family café Marketa in Town Hall Arcade as they went into rehearsal at The Sydney Town Hall for Founders Concert that evening.

Tupou College had prepared a standout performance for the second half of Founders Concert. Dressed all in white, they performed a brass piece, and a choral number before singing in the combined schools, campuses and staff choir in the finale piece: Parry’s I Was Glad.

The students at Wyvern Campus and our sister school MLC Burwood were the next to meet our Tupou College friends. During lunch, the brass band entertained MLC staff and students and this was reciprocated with a sausage sizzle for the boys.

On their last days at Newington, the Tupou College First XV were coached by Director of Rugby, Tim Rapp and Manu Sutherland from the Wallabies Gold Squad and Brad Gill, Newington First XV Coach. Tupou College were presented with a new scrum sled by Randwick Rugby, Trinity Grammar School and Newington College Rugby Association afterward.

On their final official day at Newington the Tupou Choir visited our Lindfield campus where they filled up on a sweet food, played touch-football and handball and played a big part in the Chapel Service delivered by Rev. Peter Morphew.

The final farewell ceremony on Johnson Oval led by the Newington College Cadet Unit saw the Marching Band perform for the last time. Rev. Dr Fisi’ihoi Mone’s gave an empowering, emotional, and heartfelt farewell speech that in the true Tongan spirit showed their gratitude and humility. Tupou College also gifted Newington College two extraordinary traditional Tongan Tapa’s that marked Newington’s Sesquicentenary along with gifts for the Cafeteria staff, the Headmaster and Mr Quince.

This tour would not have been possible without the support of Ken Grover from Gulliver Sport Travel who organised all travel arrangements at cost price to accommodate our touring party.

Written by

Cameron Quince

Head of Fletcher House, Tupou College Tour Co-ordinator

Newington College

Amy Yang

Online Media Officer

Newington College



The Mid Year Captain

The Mid Year examination results was finally held today parents in the hundreds turned up to this occasion. Parents had the chance to talk to teachers about the performances of their children and also pick up their mid year reports. It was evident that both staff and students needs to work harder in accomplishing a successful goal by the end of the year.

Form 5 students will sit the Tonga School Certificate and this is the equivalent of New Zealand’s NCEA level 1. The Form Six Students will sit the Tonga National Form 6 Certificate and the Form 7 Students will sit the Tonga National Form 7 Certificate which is the equivalent of the New Zealand’s NCEA level 3. It is however an obstacle for the Form 7 Students of which they will have to pass at least 3 of their subjects at an average of B.

Viliami Mafi of Kolomotu’a is the son of Paini and Fou Mafi now residing in Sia’atoutai with Rev Penisimani Mone (Sia’atoutai College Lecturer) who took out the ceremony with just less than a half of a point from the runner up Ika Tu’ipulotu. Ika is the younger brother of ‘Isileli Tu’ipulotu who was the college dux in the year 2010. Ika is hoping to follow his brothers footsteps but Viliami is holding on and his hope the rope will not break.

Penisimani Fonua and Ha’ano Fonua are brothers, took out the honorary first place for both form 6 and 5 respectively. Their proud dad Rev Samiu Fonua was present on the ceremony and so supports the academic endeavours of his sons.

The academic future of this college is still looks brighter and no hope is diminished yet. The secret recipe is English and every Tupou College is able to read and comprehend what they are reading than I am sure the academic records for Tupou College will boost high.

Congratulations to all winners of the Mid Year Examination. In my book it is not about winning the first or second positions, it is all about giving it your all and let God do the rest as he guides you to the future that lies ahead.

Mid-Year Examination

Tupou College is undergoing the Mid-Year Examination. This is an important exam because it gives us the glimpse of how our students and teachers are performing. From this examination, we would be able to reveal our strengths and weaknesses from the first half of the year. Teachers have worked hard during the first half of the year and the results will be shown by the results of the mid year examination. Some of students have worked hard and some may have taken the ride easy. All of that will be shown by the outcome of the report giving at the beginning of term 3.

Ko e Fakamatala ki he Laka Falealea

Kuo lahi e fetu’utaki mai ki he Website fekau’aki mo e ngaahi lotomamahi he ‘ikai lava e laka e Kolisi Tupu’a. ‘E laka pe foki e Kolisi Kotoa ia ka he’ikai pe tatau ia mo e taimi ‘oku laka ai e Tamasi’i Kolisi Ko Tupou. ‘Oku moloki he tamasi’i Kolisi Ko Tupou e taimi ‘o e nafa lahi pea hangatonu leva e tui’i nima ‘o laka ange ia ha sotia Pilitania pea ka fotu mai e tamasi’i Kolisi Ko Tupou ‘oku ma’a pea ‘asinisini hono teunga ‘o hange ko e ma’a ‘o ha hiku’i tavake.

Ne lahi pe e ngaahi loto ne mamau ko e ‘uhi ko ‘enau tali mai ke laka ange e Kolisi Ko Tupou pea ‘oku ou fai atu ai e Kole fakamolemole ko’eni. Ko hono mo’oni kapau ne ‘ikai ke afe mai ‘a Toloa ia ki Maamaloa he’ikai pe lava e ngaahi Kolisi ia ‘o ngaue.

Kiate au, ‘oku tau ngali lahi ai, ketau afe mai kae ‘oange e faingamalie ki he fanga ki’i kolisi kehe kenau hao mai.

Ko e ngaahi ta pe ‘ena ne ma’u hei’ilo na’a hoko atu ia ko ha fakalelu ki he ngaahi loto kuo mamahi ‘i he ‘ikai ke nau mamata ki he laka e Kolisi Ko Tupou. Sai pe he kuo tau ‘osi ‘ilo pe ‘e kitautolu ko tautolu pe ‘oku lelei taha he me’a ko e laka.


Weekend Results

Mei he ‘Akapulu

Na’e lava lelei e ngaahi fe’auhi e Kolisi Ko Tupou ki he falaite kuo’osi. Na’e ikuna e Grade 1 e tau mo Lavengamalie ‘aki e kai ko e 73 ki he 0. Grade 2 ‘aki e kai ko e 45 ki he 0. Na’e ikuna e grade 3 ‘i Takuilau ‘aki e kai ko e tolungofulu tupu ki he hongofulu tupu pea na’e ‘ikai va’inga grade 4 he uike kuo’osi. Na’e hanga ai pe ‘e he grade 5 mo e senior ‘o fakamamahi’i ai pe hona ongo hoa va’inga he uike kuo’osi.

‘Oku lolotonga teu mafana ai pe e timi under 18 ki he teu folau ki Newington he faka’osinga ‘o e teemi ko’eni.

Mei he Soka

Na’e hanga atu ‘e he fanau va’inga soka ia e Kolisi Ko Tupou ‘o toki fakamamahi’i e ngaahi timi soka na’a nau fetaulaki mo ia he falaite. Na’e lava lelei e soka he tokoni ‘a Timani Naniseni ko e faiako fo’ou pea pehe foki ki he tauhi fanau ko Taniela Papani. ‘Oku ‘i ai e kaha’u lelei e soka he kolisi ni.

Malo ‘aupito