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A Semi Final Defeat

It was just a few days ago that our Senior Team was defeated by Tonga College in a very suspense close game. The score was 21 to 17.

According to Sinipata ‘Uhila the Head Coach for the boys in Blue, Tonga College rightfully deserves the win as there were many handling errors especially when the ball was near the try line. “We practiced all week long to perfect our mistakes from our previous games but that did not stop us from forcing errors which confused us and the spectators. Whether the boys where switched on or not, at the end of the day it is what the scoreboard says that counts.”

This defeat means it is the end of the season for us while Tonga College and ‘Apifo’ou College will move on to the final Playoff.

It is without no doubt that we will never forget this year as we all wanted the win to mark our 150th Anniversary so perhaps we will learn from our basic mistakes which could have been the factor that cost us the game.

The boys however did everything they could but the defense line of the Tonga College was strong at the middle of the game and a full Credit goes to their captain

There was a big turn out to the Teufaiva Park to see these two great rugby schools competing for the only spot left of the 2016 season finale.

The school boys from both schools sang their hearts out to show their support but as the saying goes “there could only be one winner.”

Congratulation to the boys from the Funga Manamo’ui and may God bless you all in your preparation to the Finals with ‘Apifo’ou College. Go Lions.

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

photos from Teufaiva Park: Intercollegiate RUgby Semi Finals 2016

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Teukolisi 'Atiola and the boys in Blue

Teukolisi ‘Atiola and the boys in Blue