Values and Beliefs

2014 Mission Statement

Add Value

2014 is a year which we need as all live connected parts of the school to add value to the child that is in the classroom and other areas of the school compound. It is our job as Tupou College teachers to add values to the student’s daily life which will help his preparation to meet the outside world that is awaiting them.

Foreword by the Principal

Toloa needs to be a safe, clean and a happy environment where a Christian Community is empowered to foster knowledge, faith and character.

Tupou College aspires to make men out of boys, men with character, faith, knowledge and skills to serve the community wherever they go. Men would be of quality that will always be high on demand in the society for their faithfulness, workmanship and integrity.

All developments must reflect in the improvement of services, of environments of resources and of capacities.


‘Order’ is a vision empowered by the Principal to get Tupou College to where it should be in 2016. This is important according to the map of where we want to be in 2016.

O- Organised structure; there is order

R – Restorations of traditions, founding values and outstanding achievements

D – Directions: directed vision, clarity, clear directions for guiding students

E – Empowering: inspiring students to achieve best possible outcomes

          R – Renewal: born again and renewed strength

Where we are in 2014


a photo of the current compound

Where we want to be in 2016

Strategic Plan – “SPACES”

The priority areas of Tupou College are set out in the letters of SPACES strategic plan. In each Priority areas there are several objectives that both Staff and students must try to meet in order for the efficient running of the College.

Priority Area 1 | Spiritual

a)      Memorising scriptures and drawing applications for day to day living

b)      Knowing and understanding Tongan Hymns

c)      Sound knowledge of FWC doctrines and liturgies

d)     Good practices in Tokoni, Lea, Tipeiti, Malanga through Akolotu, Kalasi’aho, Sunday School and Kalasi Malanga


Priority Area 2 | Physical

a)      Able to kini, huo, keli, langa, tafi, lalanga pola & kato, fei’umu, feihaka, ngaahi; puaka, sipi mo e pulu

b)      Identify talents in sports and other gifts and encourage development

c)      Exercise for health and physical fitness

d)     Developing a balanced diet and maintaining

e)      Regular check on health and bathroom facilities

f)       Encourage the Tobacco Free School project


Priority Area 3 | Academic

a)      Improve literacy and numeracy skills

b)      Encourage optimum use of Learning Centre (Library)

c)      Computer and Internet literacy

d)     Introduce Overseas Academic Programs

e)      Encourage multi-skills and multi-pathways Programs

f)       Activities to promote spoken English

g)      Activities to promote general knowledge

Priority Area 4 | Character

a)      Character Formation

b)      Activities to promote leadership skills

c)      Development of character, faith, knowledge and skills to serve the community

Priority Area 5 | Enterprise  (ideas/master plan/history)

Priority Area 5.1 | Commercial Arm

a)      Sub-committee to include ‘Amanaki Paea, Ma’ake Faka’osifolau, Losaline Ma’asi (CEO-MAFF), Manase Siua, Penitaito Moliteka (Farm Manager)

b)      Farm Projects: taro for export, kava and vanilla for long term, pineapples for processing, meat shop, coconut replanting, coconut oil pressing, etc

c)      Nursery for fruits and flowers

Priority Area 5.2 | Music and Performing Arts Academy

a)      Sub-committee required

b)      Upgrading existing facilities

c)      Select Choir

d)     Mini-Orchestra

e)      Performing Art activities – traditional and contemporary

Priority Area 5.3 | Sports Academy

a)      Sub-committee required

b)      Rugby Academy

c)      Athletic club (with 2019 in mind)

d)     Upgrading Gym

e)      Encourage students who are gifted in other sports to develop

Priority Area 5.4 | Cadet Academy

a)      Sub-committee required

b)      Introducing defense training

c)      First Aid training

d)     Marching drills and displays

e)      Technical skills training

Priority Area 5.5 | Upgrading of the Toloa Rainforest

a)      Removal of invasive trees

b)      Replanting of indigenous species

c)      Providing clear tracks and trails through the forest to allow easy access for field trips and tours

d)     Build a tower platform for airport runway viewing and of the forest and surrounding areas

Priority Area 5.6 | History Project for Sesquicentenary 2016

a)      Documentary and DVD’s

b)      Linking with FWC History Committee

c)      Seek scholarship for a Master or PhD research in Tupou College History

d)     Based on this thesis, produce a history book for publication

Priority Area 5.7 | Toloa Village

If we seek to improve Tupou College, we might also consider the total development plan to include Toloa (the village that accommodated the college) and more importantly the people who occupy the township of Toloa in their capacity to operate Tupou College (Staff and students effectively and efficiently)

Priority Area 5.8 | Facilities Master Plan

A.    Refurbishment of Moulton Chapel

a)      Guttering and water storage

b)      Veranda

c)      Sanctuary rails, windows and lighting

d)     New roofing

B.     Refurbishment of the Administration Building

a)      Offices of Management and Support Staff

b)      Staff Room

c)      Possible extensions

C.     Upgrading of the Learning Centre (Library)

a)      Ceiling and windows

b)      Furniture

c)      Books and resources

d)     On-line services

D.    Procurement of all Required Resources

a)      All text book requirements

b)      All teaching resources needs

c)      Internet access for all staff and students but strictly controlled

E.     Refurbishment of Classrooms

a)      Roofing and windows

b)      Desks and furniture

c)      Veranda and walkways

F.      Refurbishment of Dormitories and Bathrooms

a)      Ventilation

b)      Beds and furniture

c)      Plumbing works to standard

d)     Sidewalks

G.    Refurbishment of Dining Hall

a)      Add verandas and install double doors for ventilation

b)      Acoustic tuning

c)      PA system

H.    Refurbishment of Staff Accommodation

a)      Upgrading existing houses

b)      Good drive way into homes

c)      Add verandas

I.       New Dormitory

a)      A new design to reflect to make a statement for the vision of the school

b)      The design should also reflect sound architecture, sustainable development, most conducive for learning and comfortable but not luxurious and accommodation.

c)      Bathroom facilities to meet standard requirements for numbers and usage

d)     Sidewalks to ensure neat and tidy

Priority Area 6 | Staffing Quality

a)      Ensure Christian commitment and faith from all staff

b)      Must observe policies and work ethics

c)      Appropriate teaching qualifications for all teaching staff

d)     Each pathway is equally valued

e)      Regular professional training and up-skilling

f)       Maintain close link with educational literature

2014 – 2016 Strategy

Tupou College needs to


Spaces            S          Spiritual

                    P          Physical

                    A         Academic

                    C         Character

                    E          Enterprise/Ideas/Master Plan

                    S          Staff Quality

                                                                            T         Teacher quality

                                                                            U         Understand/care/know everybody

P          Personal role model first rate

O         Our school – all take responsibilities to create the best school for boys in Tonga

U         Unite for 150th